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30Birds is a poetic and humorous adventure game which casually mixes oriental fairy tales with modern mystery. It is set in an enchanting painted world where 2D and 3D complement each others in a unique way.

The story takes place in a city made of giant lanterns floating in an everlasting night sky. Here the Magic is not atypical, but regarded more as a common everyday thing. Human beings live alongside djinns, and one can either ride a flying carpet or a tramway to reach the next neighborhood. It is told that ages ago, Simurgh, the giant bird goddess, created the city as a present for a prince. She drew the lanterns of the city, its palaces, streets, and gardens directly on the night sky. But no one has seen her for decades as she left for one of her century-long nap.

Now you play as Zig, a mysterious fearless girl who just arrived in town. You're going to find yourself helping a bunch of birds loyal to the goddess, as the city seems to have been taken over by corrupt politicians and underground criminal groups. To uncover the truth, save the city, and meet Simurgh, you’ll have to investigate, talk to people, explore, and gather the thirty birds.


  • A unique universe : explore otherworldly hand-drawn places inspired by traditional Persian art
  • An original story : discover a multilayered narrative sprinkled with goofy dialogues - twists await !
  • A non-violent gameplay : observation, pattern-finding, and gamepad magic manipulations
  • A colorful cast : meet all kind of bizarre characters - weirdos, djinns, birds and maybe a giant goddess !
  • The last generation Gem-Phone™ : gather bird contacts within the ~30birds~ app


The project actually began as an art experiment. After reading "My name is Red" by Orhan Pamuk, Coline and Laurent fell in love with the aesthetics of the Persian miniature. They were charmed by its surprising perspectives, the use of patterns and the overall mannerism, as well as the history and the sophisticated theory behind the tradition. In 2014, they won a contest to travel to Istanbul and make a book about the city. They hijacked the Persian miniature tradition to produce illustrations and text, mixing it with a more modern approach (and that was a lot of fun !). Then in 2016, they were asked to exhibit those works. As they wanted both to bring something new and take the concept further, they worked on an interactive painting that people could explore with a gamepad. The positive feedback convinced them that it would make a good ground for a game. So Coline and Laurent started to imagine it, and eventually, they gathered a small team under the "ram ram" name to create 30Birds


There are currently no trailers available for 30Birds. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (31MB)

There are far more images available for 30Birds, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • ""INDIGOx" Festival official selection" - by Dutch Game Garden, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 2019
  • ""AdventureX" Festival official selection" - London, UK, November 2019
  • ""Belgian Game Awards" - Nominee for "most anticipated game"" - Kortrijk, Belgium, "1UP Festival" February 2020


Laurent Toulouse
Game design, programming, story, music, production

Coline Sauvand
2D art, story, production

Sébastien André

Steph Martin
3D art, additional programming

Antoine Jonniaux
2D art, story, game design

Gilles Tricoire / Manu Larralde
Additional 3D art

Charley Rose
Music, sound design

Steven Meyer / Pierrot "Pirolf"
Concept, story


30Birds has received financial support from the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles and the SCAM (society of authors)

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